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How the Tsunami spread over the ocean

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9th December 2011 RC Colombo Millennium City Joins Randombe Junior School.pdf [1.109 KB]
Fund raising event Organized by our clubKorean Dancing group performing at the Bishops College Auditorium on the 27th October 2009.pdf [187 KB]
Installation CeremonyRotary Club of Colombo Milleniumme city 20092010.pdf [722 KB]
Lamapitiya Team Joint Project Oct 09.pdf [56 KB]
Musical concert with Sri-Ko Rythems.pdf [989 KB]
october-feast.pdf [407 KB]
Randombe School Celebration.pdf [830 KB]
RCCMC Donates English Books.pdf [652 KB]
Rtn Hiranjan at Scotia New York.pdf [1.004 KB]
Sri-Ko Rythems at RC MilCity Colombo.pdf [572 KB]
Swiss Donors visit.pdf [346 KB]
Teacher training project Ratnapura.pdf [764 KB]
Thurusevana Project, distribution of Fishtale palm trees (100-150 plants) at Habarana Adventure Safari.pdf [2.700 KB]
thurusevana-project.pdf [613 KB]
welcome-to-rotary-club-of-colombo-central.pdf [327 KB]
Xmas party.pdf [370 KB]


Tsunami What is a Tsunami? What happens to the east Asia Region and Sri Lanka?

How the Tsunami spread over the ocean If you would like do play the animation again, please click "reload" in your browser.

Satellite Picture Some Satellite picture friendly sponsored by NASA.

Tent Villages The real desaster after Tsunami from Dez. 2004 until today (august 2005) are the so called "tent ...

Press Releases

1st Visit (May-05)

2nd Visit (July-05) The protocol of this meeting you'll find in the secured CUG

2nd Visit Diner (July-05) On the 25th of July the RC Millennium City and the RC ZH Airport meet to famous chinese diner.

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